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This is the BlackjackOnline casino reviews page for learning the stuff that matters to everyone gambling on-line in 2020. It’s an exciting time to be an online casino affiliate. I’ve been working as an affiliate marketing casinos on-line since I first started my work on the internet in the early 2000’s. I wasn’t formerly trained and I had 0 experience so I had to learn everything on the go.

Learn on the go I did:

This part might surprise you given that I get paid when you play at online casinos with real money. My advice is this: Don’t be gambling with your money. Its 2020 and there are simply way to many fun things to do in life, in this interesting world, in the metaverse, or universe? or wait, is it a multiverse?

Whatever name you want to give our Universe that’s a question for you theoretical physicists. I’m a gambler and I like the action of playing blackjack. Its a very fast paced and exciting game. If you look at poker gamblers and how much patience they need to play at a professional status like that – its a very different things than high stakes blackjack with thousands swinging in either direction like a roller coaster ride from Disneyland.

So why than I’ve I give you a confusing message? I’m sorry to make it complicated. I am only trying to help you out with this best advice I can offer, which happens to be “save your money”.

Yes I get paid when you play, but I’ve also lost a LOT of money in my life because I was addicted to gambling. Not only did I go through and incredibly rough patch with it that felt as low as it gets. Thousands of hours of my life were wasted away play blackjack. That’s just sad and I’m no dummy. I can’t get them back, not in this reality

There is great news though! Now in 2020 you can download a huge number of social gaming apps that are almost the exact same services (with the only exception of cyber chips for fun).

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