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We’ll also provide reviews of popular online casinos offering real money blackjack gambling and live dealer blackjack games. Live dealer gambling is a rising trend in the iGaming industry and blackjack players make up a good portion of the live dealer gaming action going on online.

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Want to learn how to play blackjack online?

I’ll teach you the best ways to play blackjack on the internet and in land based casinos. I’ve been playing the game for over 25 years and have a natural gift for the game, so on you can learn in-depth blackjack strategies that involve counting plus card sorting tracking, algorithm tracking and odds defying, unique techniques that you won’t find elsewhere on the net.

For example, don’t split the aces.

Blackjack - Splitting Aces

Every blackjack strategy article you’ll read online and every expert on the matter is going to tell you to always split aces.

Don’t do it. Draw the cards instead making the best possible hand.

You’ll make a much better hand by taking cards until you get to 20 or 21 than splitting the aces (which normally results in a tie with one win and one loss on the two hands after the split.

Drawing out on the aces on the other hand usually results in a win,

Give it a try for yourself and see how it out performs splits over time.

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