Blackjack Rules explains the blackjack rules you need to know before playing the popular casino game.

Learn how to play blackjack and the important rules of twenty-one.

Please note that while there are general black jack rules followed by a large percentage of casinos it is not uncommon for different casinos to have slightly different 21 rules on various aspects of the game such as side bets, insurance bets, blackjack win payout ratio, rules on splitting, doubling down & splitting aces rules.

Join the new mobile optimized Blackjack Online and get started learning how to play blackjack like a winner. is a comprehensive blackjack strategy guide to goes beyond teaching the rules of blackjack to students of the game 21.

We don’t blog every day but when we do create a new blackjack rules and strategy page of content on our website we’re sure to make it as comprehensive as possible.

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