Blackjack Rules explains the most important blackjack rules you need to know before playing the popular casino game at an online gaming site or local casino near you.

Learn how to play blackjack and the important rules of twenty-one.

Please note that while there are general black jack rules followed by a large percentage of casinos it is not uncommon for different casinos to have slightly different blackjack 21 rules on various aspects of the game such as side bets, insurance bets, blackjack win payout ratio, rules on splitting, doubling down & splitting aces rules.

Single Deck Blackjack Rules

Unfortunately the rules for single deck blackjack games have changed greatly over the decades, with the odds continually slipping away from the player in favor of the house edge.

For example, most land based casinos have changed their single deck blackjack rules now so that blackjacks only pay 6 to 5 odds replacing the historical and standard 3 to 2 blackjack payout odds still available on most non single deck 21 games.

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Dealer Hits Soft 17 vs Dealer Stands on All 17’s

Blackjack Dealer Hits Soft 17

One of the most common rule variations you’ll see on different tables in local casinos is the matter of a dealer’s hand being a soft 17. This means the dealer has a 6 and an ace card.

On some BJ tables the dealer will hit a soft 17 hand a take another card or possibly more than one more card.

On other tables you’ll find the dealer stands on all 17’s which means they do not take an extra card and the dealer stands on soft 17.

Players should try to play on tables where the dealers stand on all 17’s and don’t take extra cards. They offer better odds to the gambler.

Online Blackjack Rules vs Offline Blackjack

An important note to take for card counting players & advantages gamblers is that online casinos are always shuffling the playing cards in between each hand of online blackjack played on the net. Therefore, BJ players are unable to count cards playing on the internet. This is one of the biggest differences between playing blackjack on the web and playing it offline in a local casino.

Blackjack Rule Variations

The rules of blackjack change for all the different types of twenty one game variants such as blackjack switch, double exposure BJ, Spanish 21, perfect pairs BJ and other types of 21 games.